A Snow Day! (in March?)❄️❄️❄️🌨🌨🌨

We’re already within the third week of March and Spring could not arrive any faster! With the unseasonably cool weather in the air I am secretly hoping that I am going to wake up to see sky rocketing temperatures of 60+ Degrees. The fact that I’m saying that 60 Degrees is skyrocketing, should be a bit alarming right? Well if you’re from where I live then you might be able to agree with me on this one. Have you taken a moment to guess where I’m from? I bet you said New York, well even if you didn’t, I’m pretty sure that you were close! IMG_5872

    While some cities have begun to enjoy the slight increase in Spring temperatures, other regions have had the pleasure to mentally prepare for the Nor’Easter that just hit parts of New York and New Jersey this week. Now I know that it is not unusual for it to snow here in this city at this time, (heck it’s even snowed in April a few times) but I am just so over the ferocious winter weather. Surprisingly we’ve had some very pleasurable weeks of 50-60 degree weather but that is just not enough. Especially since the weather somehow sloped back down to a whopping 20 degrees. Which actually feels like it’s below zero. With that being said, I guess I should be grateful for a somewhat mild winter? Right?
     Let’s just be clear that I am grateful. However, I just would rather be sporting my transitional season outfit inspo. Instead, I am dreadfully slugging my rain/snow boots, a bag that contains my “other” shoes, (that I’m going to prance around the office in), and this ridiculously 10 pound down coat through the slush and mud puddles in the city. On another note, I do not live in the city so I have personally had the pleasure of sliding and gliding my way to the commuter trains because of the lack of shoveling jobs that actually took place.
     As for now, all that I can do is reminisce upon the warm weather and patiently await the next set of warm days to arrive. The days where I will be able to wear the things that I am excited to pick out. The days where I am excited to showcase the wonderful bright colors that are hidden deep down in my spring/ summer section of my wardrobe. The days where I will be able to pretty much just get up and go. Well, not exactly just go but you get the idea!
     For the most part this has been a very enjoyable winter. A very mild and calm one to say the least. It’s just been undesirably too long for my liking. Of course, I know that winter has to pass, especially considering my location. I am just super anxious for Spring’s arrival and all that comes with it. Ultimately, a fresh new beginning will soon be in the air and I will forever be grateful, until of course another long snowy winter hits the town again!

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