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Dessert 🍨 Time : Cool Mess Ice Cream Shop


​​​ ​  Cool Mess is a modern day style ice cream parlor located in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Unlike traditional parlors that more than likely only sell ice cream, they are the only Ice Cream shop where you can enjoy a meal, hang out and even make your ice cream from scratch! The shop actually supplies the ingredients, and tools that will allow you to create your ideal flavor. Not to mention there’s a pretty good selection of already made flavors to choose from if you’re not in the mood to create your own. In addition to this they have delicious gelato, sundae and milk shake choices to be indulged upon.

Ice Cream Options!


   Additionally you have the choice of adding their yummy toppings for extra deliciousness. Cool mess has a food menu that consists of your ordinary fast food delights such as burgers, fries, quesadilla’s and mozzarella sticks just to name a few. Therefore you can have a quick meal and dessert if you’re up for it and in whichever order you desire. Lastly, you can take home as much candy and ice cream that your heart desires. Cool mess is definitely one of the ‘COOL-est’ places I’ve ever gotten ice cream from to this day!

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As soon as you step foot into the cool mess parlor, one will definitely feel welcomed by the bright and friendly colors! The atmosphere here definitely gives that nostalgic vibe of being a kid that can no longer contain their excitement. Which instantly triggered child hood memories of hearing the tune of the Mr. Softee truck when it passed by. Especially because of the aromatic hint of coolness and ice cream that automatically seizes all of your senses as soon as you enter. For the most part, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I personally felt like I was back in elementary school days upon entering Cool Mess.


Before placing an order at Cool Mess you have the option to test taste up to 3 flavors of the ice cream/gelato if you’re ordering the already made flavors of course. Additionally you have the choice to select from a variety of toppings to be served with your order. Then again if you can’t come to finalize a decision about flavors, scoops, or toppings to choose from, there are in fact a selection of predetermined dessert plates that should help you make up your mind. Also known as a sundae. Who doesn’t love a Sundae? Right? Oh and did I mention that there are milkshakes here as well as burgers and fries. Ordinarily one wouldn’t go to an ice cream parlor with the expectations of being granted the advantage to be able to order a meal at an ice cream parlor. All in all, this is what makes this place so cool.


So I’ve actually been to this place twice and immediately was swept away by the concept of this Ice cream parlor. Believe it or not, I actually accidentally found this spot because I was in the mood for cookie dough ice cream after a long day at work. Not your typical happy hour but I could neither ignore nor resist the taste for this delicious flavor that had already been established in my mind earlier that day. In order to satisfy this craving I googled the nearest ice cream shops and stumbled upon Cool mess. I was instantly intrigued because of its closeness to my location, my craving and strangely enough because I must have walked past this place a million times and never noticed it. I actually even called before going just to verify that the place actually existed. After this, I went in an placed an order for a double scoop, 1 vanilla, 1 cookies n cream with cookie dough and gummy bear toppings. Craving satisfaction overload was definitely experienced. I am definitely going to be heading back for a third time pretty soon and I’m bringing everyone I know to come and enjoy this experience with me.

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