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Yellow Style Guide πŸ‹

Wearing yellow in the summer is one of my guiltiest pleasures. It is a vibrant color that can be worn in just about any style or fashion. Whether it be a dress, shirts or pants, yellow screams that you are ready to conquer the need for incorporating bright colors into your summer wardrobe. Follow this quick style guide that references how you can include yellow into your look this summer.


Yellow Sheath Dress:

This yellow dress is super cute and chic. It is one of my favorite dress styles to wear. The cut and syle of the dress is professional enough to wear to work and stylish enough to wear to a fun filled evening gathering. It is an all around fitted dress that accentuates your body in the most flattering way. The cut in the front of the dress is very sleek yet still conservative. I purchased this dress from Zara about two years ago. They often carry similiar styles depending on the season.


Lovely Yellow Laced Dress:

Another one of my favorite dress purchases from Zara; This elegant lace dress is what every woman needs to have in her summer wardrobe to stay ahead of the trends. This lovely laced dress with a halter like front and a low dip back can be worn on just about any occasion. I have gotten multiple uses out of this dress as I have worn this dress to work, to dinners and even my sister’s graduation. It is indeed a show stopper.



The Yellow Slacks:

I just absolutely adore these yellow slacks which I’ve also purchased from Zara. They are sort of a low waist pant that falls right above the ankle. These are one of my favorite pant styles. I can wear these just about anywhere; to work as well as weekend meet ups. I love to style them with white or light colored tops. Here I have coordinated these pants with a white off the shoulder lace top which I’ve purchased from Zara as well. I have also worn these pants with a different off the shoulder top with a white base aling with other colors.

These are just a few of the yellow items that I own and love to wear. They are definitely fun to wear and are sure to always make a bold statement. What are some of the yellow items in your summer wardrobe that are your favorite?

xoxo AniresNYC


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