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The Shirt Dress πŸ‘š πŸ‘—


The shirt dress is one of the coolest dresses that I have ever worn yet! This versatile style is sure to turn heads wherever you go! Walking down the streets of Park Avenue in Manhattan will definitely shake up the scene. This floral printed ensemble has a more realistic vibe designed on top of an all white base. This dress is definitely one that can be worn on various occasions and in multiple environments. Here’s a couple of places where you should where this dress:


To Work:

Yes oh yes! It is summertime in New York City and you know exactly what that means. Temperatures are soaring into the high 80s and 90s with a side of moisture in the air, also know as humidity. With fast rising temperatures, it may seem difficult to find the perfect outfit that you can remain cool in without being too underdressed for work. Without a doubt, this dress is the greatest solution to this problem. It is a very lightweight dress which will allow for you to keep cool throughout the hot summer day. Not to mention you will still be very appropriate for the office. With a half sleeve and open collar in the front you are more than ready to master the day.


To Brunch:

If you know me, you know that Brunch is one of my favorite activities to participate in during the summer months. Not only is The food great but the countless Mimosas being served is what will get you each and every time. When “brunching ” with the ladies you definitely want to look your best. This is the perfect dress to wear in honor of your late breakfast date. The cute ribbon that wraps around the waist area gives the dress a more laid back feel. Let’s not forget about the pockets on the both sides of the dress. These are generally just for style, or for placing your hands in. Lol. You are definitely prepared to indulge into your early afternoon meal.


All About Accessorizing:

One of the most important things that will either make or break you outfit will be your accessories of choice. Yes, You want to always accessorize but you never want to over do it! Remember that less is best. When I wore this dress to work I wore my simple tan leather strapped wrist watch along with simple medium sized gold hoops and a braided gold toned choker. With only Three key pieces of choice my outfit was perfection and ready to go. To spice things up and make this look Brunch appropriate, I added a white flower behind my ear and threw on my grey toned, gold framed aviators. Still very simple yet super cool.



This is also a major choice that has to be made when accessorizing. Shoes are an important item that will make your outfit either pop or not look so hot. For this look I decided to wear blush nude heels that tie in the back. These are the perfect addition to this ensemble. The overall colors of the flowers in the dress mesh well with one another and don’t outshine the shoes worn here. The color of the shoes are subtle enough to be paired with this look although they are a pinkish nude and not a beige nude. The stiletto style also make the outfit pop in the most flattering way.


Purchasing the shirt dress was absolutely one of the coolest investments I’ve ever made. I love the way it fits and how easy it is to wear and accessorize. Will be you be participating in the shirt dress trend this summer?

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