Fishnets Anyone? 🐠🐟 The Perfect Fall Accessories: Berkshire Tights!

​ A pair of thigh high fishnets are the perfect accessory that you absolutely need to have in your Autumn wardrobe this Season. They can be worn with a variety of looks from the most casual attire to the ultimate glamorous pieces stored in your closet. Once you put on a pair of these super stylish tights you will feel like you have taken over the world!

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Thigh highs are super chic when worn with a sleek dress that drapes right down to just about the tip of your thigh. Following this technique will give the illusion that allows you to appear taller than what you actually are. Not only will this trick give a boost to your height, it will allow for the upper portion of the thigh highs to make an appearance in your ensemble.
Β IMG_8122
For this look shown here, I can be seen wearing a pair of four inch heel knee high boots along with the thigh highs and super sleek mini dress. While it is true that the boots will naturally add a few inches to my height, it will also take away from my height as well. The reason for this is simply because about three quarters of my legs will be covered by the boots. That’s why it is important to consider the length of the dress when finalizing your outfit that you are going to wear along with this style of tights. Considering that I picked a dress on the shorter side that allows for some leg action, I won’t appear to be too much cut off and will in fact look super proportioned to my actual height!!
Get yourself a pair of fishnet thigh high socks so that you too can turn heads!
How will you style your thigh high fishnet tights this season?
xoxo AniresNYC
(This style of tights were sent to me courtesy of liptonpublicity.com )

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