Press On Nails Are Back? : Just BeKlawz Edition

Hey Beautiful! Do you want gorgeous nails but your salon is closed? No Problem!

Just BeKlawz has the solution for you with their luxury Handmade Press-On Nails! Now of course press on nails have been around for as long as we can remember but have conveniently become an overnight sensation. This is of course due to the very necessary shutdown of nail salons all over the globe. Which has caused a riot amongst many avid nail salon goers. Many have been forced to grow out their overdue acrylic and gel full sets while others have been left no choice but to wear their natural nails. For this reason a very experienced nail tech at Just Beklawz has been painting away and creating the most stylish handmade press on nails for those missing their routine salon visits. Now you can achieve a healthy at home manicure with handmade press on nails that are convenient, stylish and made with quality. 

press on nails


JustBeKlawz creates quality handmade press on nails so that your nails can stay on fleek! These delightful lux nails aren’t anything like the press on nails that you might be used to. This is an entirely new ball game of press on nails. Each set of nails are delightfully handmade with love and care by a very skillful nail artist. Nothing like the airbrushed packages nails  that you can purchase at drugstores. Instead Just BeKlawz press on nails are carefully hand-crafted by using salon quality products and nail accessories.


Press on nails are convenient. Who doesn’t love a complete salon manicure in half the time. These luxe babies come already designed and cured with ten nails in the box. You will have to go onto their website to determine your nail size unless you are purchasing a ready to ship box. Ready to ship boxes come with 20 nails in the box, giving you the option to determine which nails will fit you once your order has arrived to your home. They are carefully pre packaged with a cuticle stick, nail file, nail glue, and a set of press on stickers so that you can take the press ons off if necessary. Don’t fear if you’ve never worn a pair of press ons, instructions delightfully come included with your luxurious set. You will be rocking’ your luxe at home manicure in no time! 


Whether you’re simply into neutrals, vibrant colors or lots of bling, Just BeKlawz has got you covered. They have a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from on their website. Aside from all of the available options that were just mentioned they will give you the option to customize an already existing set, (ex: different color option, design on a different finger). Overall, Just BeKlawz wants to give their customer the salon experience in a more unconventional approach. 

Just BeKlawz is calling themselves the “Press on nails of the future”. No need to long for the salons to reopen. You can easily get back on track with your routine gel mani’s long or medium length, (shorter nails available soon) as soon as right now!  If you are in need of a healthy at home manicure and want salon results please visit Just BeKlawz at  

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