It’s National Shape Wear Week…

Happy National Shape Wear Week Y’all! We all know that after having a baby can be rough on your body. It takes time to heal and get back into shape. Be kind and patient with your progress. It will also be helpful to wear comfortable clothing in the process. My go to most comfortable item to wear has been my Empetua All Day Every Day High Waisted Shorts by: Shapermint. The high waist compression is excellent and the relaxed fit is so snug and satisfying. I can wear these shorts all day, everyday & everywhere! So what are you waiting for ? Get your pair of comfy high waisted shorts from Shapermint right here: https://glnk.io/6ylk/serina Make sure that you use my code SERINACREW20 to save!!

Use code: SERINACREW20 for 20 % off!
The Stylish Empetua All Day Everyday High Waisted Shorts can be styled with various looks.
Wear your shapermint shapewear everywhere!
Celebrate Your Body!
Feel Confident Being YOU!

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