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  • You’re Wearing White? After Labor Day?!

    You’re Wearing White? After Labor Day?!

    Who says that you can’t wear white after Labor Day?! Well tell them that they are wrong! Fall right into Autumn effectively wearing all the white that you wish. Β Wearing white pants and a dark colored lightweight jacket are the perfect combo that allow you to seamlessly transition from the heat of the day to…

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  • Dark Denim ♦ Fringes ♦ Shades

    Dark Denim ♦ Fringes ♦ Shades

    Dark denim jeans are currently my newest obsession! As the fall is approaching they are becoming a highly appropriate trend in my autumn wardrobe. They are perfect for this time of the summer because it isn’t extremely hot outside yet it is still warm enough to pair jeans with a trendy tank top like the…

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  • The White Dress

    The White Dress

    Oh how I just love an all white dress for the summer time. Not only is it a great color to wear during this wonderful season, it will also help you to stay cool in this hot weather. The color white does not absorb as much light as opposed to a darker color, so therefore…

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  • Lovely Yellow Laced Dress

    Lovely Yellow Laced Dress

    This lovely mustard yellow laced dress is a statement all on its own. Its versatile style doesn’t really call for much accessorizing. The design in this lace number is so intricate and detailed it’s completely mesmerizing. Β  This dress features a halter top like front with two spaghetti straps that drape over the shoulders going…

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  • The Tailored Jumpsuit

    The Tailored Jumpsuit

    This tailored jumpsuit is appropriate for many occasions. It is a great piece to have in your closet that can be worn in any style from dressy casual to late night date night. The trick to transforming from one style to another is all about how you accessorize this number. For this look I have…

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